Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finishing school

march 12 2008

The girls are in their last year of basic school.
The tests and most of the preparations for the new school are done.

So today they've heard that they will get a letter about the "goodbye" musical very soon.

They were so happy about it.
They're so looking forward to their last main event at school.

To be honest, my mind is far more bussy with the question whether they are admitted to the new school, and what needs to be arranged in time.

I still have no proper answer from a testing institute on my question how much it costs to have the dyslexia declaration of one of the girls,

This morning we had one more try to have the present school take care of it.
They promised.
But they're not doing anything at all.

I can understand that things are very difficult now the teacher is very ill.
But the life of the girls moves on.


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