Saturday, March 1, 2008

A day between water

february 29 2008

One of the boys went on a school trip today, and had a very good time.

No amusement park this time, but the wind through their hairs and the sea.
They went for a long walk on the beach.

Before he went, I asked him to bring me some shells.
I just love the sea, and I would have loved to go in his place.

Turned out that some boys from his class saw him putting some shells in a bag and asked him why. He told them, and within minutes 4 or 5 of them helped him finding the best.

At home I imagined I would get some little ones, but I got a bag full of shells, with rather a lot very large ones.

How sweet!

In my mind I see those large boys, with arms that are too long, a few hair on their chin, and boasting language, reaping shells for one of the moms.
They can be so unkind to each other, but this morning they forgot all about it.

Later they went iceskating, and my son found out he really likes it.
Well, we have a large iceskate-hall a few streets away, so he can go anytime he wishes.

He arrived in town just before the storm got nasty.
So he sought shelter at the home of his girlfriend, and arrived home hours later... soaked by the rain.

A day between water indeed.


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