Monday, March 10, 2008

bullying, so no presentation?

march 10 2008

One of my son is bullied at school.
He has a sharp nose, but that doesn't mean that others should bully him all day long.

Even though last year the school promised to take action, it needed a firm conversation last month to make them aware they had made such a promise.

This friday my son needs to present his last large paper to the group.
It will give him another good mark for his final exam.

But he doesn't want to.

He's afraid he will be distracted by the gestures that are made, and he doesn't want that they will bully him afterwards about what he has told them.

The subject, emergency care, is close to his heart. Too close to have others laugh about it.

He feels so badly bullied that he even wants to stay home from his london trip.

I wrote the school a mail.

I can't wait to read their reply.