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march 3 2008

AUTISM ONE 2008 CONFERENCE (the sixth)
Chicago, Illinois
Pre-Conference: Wednesday, May 21 – Thursday, May 22
Main Conference: Friday, May 23 – Sunday, May 25


1. Biomedical Treatments
2. Behavior and Education Therapies
3. Complementary and Alternative Medicine
4. Adolescence and Adulthood
5. Government and Legal Issues

You can sign up for a Mentor Mom who will help you 24/7, get detailed answers in the workshops, sample, and get the recipes of special diets in the hotel restaurant, take advanced parent training classes, and participate in the Arts Festival classes.

NEW FOR 2008

- Seminar with Amy Yasko, PhD - Interpreting Lab Tests Seminar
- Thai Cooking as part of Special Diets
- News Desk with In-Depth Analysis
- Defeat Autism Now! Cli! nician Seminar - Advanced Parent Training

our special attention for:

Pre-Conference: Wednesday, May 21 – Thursday, May 22

EMPOWERMENT FROM EDUCATION Some topics require hands-on, day-long training. The Pre-Conference Days are rich in practical purpose and presented in a manner to quickly bring you the knowledge to help your child immediately.

Wednesday, May 21. The Art of Special Diets. Preparing and cooking special diets was never so easy and delicious. Good food is the first foundation of recovery.

Thursday, May 22. Defeat Autism Now! Clinician Seminar. Learn the science and join the movement of practitioners who are effectively treating autism.

Thursday, May 22. First Responders – Law enforcement officials learn how to effectively spot and safely deal with situations involving individuals with autism.

Thursday, May 22. Law Day. Everything IEP. Become your child's most effective education advocate.

Thursday, May 22. What to do when a child won't eat: Feeding Disorder! s and Developmental Delays.

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email or call Ed at 714.680.0792.

Autism One is a parent-driven, charity organization helping children and families with autism.


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