Monday, March 3, 2008

about schoolchoice of the girls

march 3 2008

It's a day that I feel like I'm working at a helpdesk.

Got a letter from the school of the girls.
The teachers want to talk with me about my dyslectic daughter.

Already a while ago I made clear I didn't agree with them that she needed to be in a small group.
Her problems isn't an attention problem.
I agree with small groups when that means more help with her dyslexia, but there's no school here that provides that extra help in the group.

She applied for a place at a school where they have a special program for kids like here and where they give lots of attention to creativity.

They have their own testing program, and we're OK with that.

So I'm in for quite a "dynamic" talk.

I have had enough experience now with special education and false promisses.
I can say so, after 4 boys in the system.

So she has to have very good arguments to make me see things different.

Well, there's no appointment yet.
They wanted to make an appointment at 18.00 hours.
Ha. That's dinnertime for us, and I'm not going to leave 6 kids alone.


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