Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 on tuesday

march 4 2008

10 Favorite Drinks
  1. coffee, just for the sake of it.
  2. Beerenburger. It's a herbal drink from the north of my country, and I loovvvveee it!
  3. Port. The older the better. I sip it and enjoy it in peace.
  4. Whiskey. Especially when it has a round smokey and woody taste. I want to taste the higlands in it, on a golden fall day.
  5. Cold light cola. It helps when I'm nauseated or worse. I can also treat rusty nails with it. LOL!
  6. Cinnamon Tea. It makes me remember my old dear friends. And Max, who always made it with a real stick of cinnamom.
  7. Ethiopean coffee made in the old fashion coffee ceremony. I love the taste, and I love the care, and it makes me long for Africa.
  8. Banana milkshake. Please more banana than milkshake.
  9. Oops I forgot my mineral water. I always drink tapwater or mineral water. All the above drinks, except for number 1 are jist drinks I use at special occassions.
  10. A bucket of icewater. Not to drink but o pour over the person who ordered the house next door to be renovated. I'm getting nuts from the noise, and the trembling and soon the dust too.

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  1. Hahaha … I love #10!!! Looks like coffee and water are all we have in common, but I didn’t think about milkshakes when I made my list. YUM!
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. LOL...on your #10!! Guess what? Behind us, there is a new subdivision going in...and three houses right behind us are being built!! Talk about noise.

    Hope you can drop by and give me a big'o' "howdy"!!!

  3. Cinnamon Tea sounds good right now... Thanks for dropping in!

  4. Haha awesome list, Laane. Cheers! ;)

  5. Haha on #10. Haven't had many of the others. Great list!

  6. lol! I feel bad for the neighbors once you get that ice water! :P

    Thanks for visiting mine!

  7. Mmmm- banana milkshake sounds yummy!!


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