Friday, February 1, 2008


february 1 2008


Last week I mailed the schoolinpection about the whole toodoo at school, and the impossible situation.
To get my son in the auti-class his case needs to be evaluated by a board of wise men (ahem).

His case needs to be presented with lots and lots of paperwork.
Reports here, reports there.
Some from the psychiatrist and some from school.

Well, school couldn't produce a recent treatment plan, which covered 6 months of care, and an evaluation of the effect.

And that was exactly what the law requests.

I couldn't accept that a future of a child was completely through the drain because of a lazy school.

After a lot of mailing here and there, trying to find ways out, I suddenly had a look at the inspection report from school and it said that they were not as far as that they could produce sufficient treatment plans.

So I mailed the inspection telling them that it was nice they found out the school was substandard in treatmentplans, but that that lack of care resulted in a problem.

Between us: the report was of two years ago, so if the schoolinspection had put on more pressure matters would have been much better.
So that gave me an instrument to go higher up the hierarchy if needed.

Today I got the message........ they had spoken with the board and tralala... all is well.
I just have to send in the rest of the paperwork I have here and all is done.

My son can go to the new school as a guest untill the board has decided.
No problem...when they accept the paperwork it's never rejected. (They'd better not reject, because parents have to go through a hell of work to get things organised.)

So finally, finally, finally.....................wooohaaa!!!!


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  1. Congratulations on a well-fought battle, Laane! I'm so sorry you've had to do so. Hang in there! *HUGS*


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