Sunday, February 3, 2008

why high taxes benefit you

february 4 2008

Many people think high taxes mean that the governement is stealing money from their wallet.

They see everything in a small scale perspective, and when you only look at your income and your taxes you are completely right.

But what you get in society is not only income. You get far more.
Part of it you can see, and part of it you just can't see at all, but it doesn't mean it's not equally important.

It's not about what is taken from you what's important.
It's important what is done with it, and in the end it's also important whether you will be able to have a say in what is done with it.

Some people, who look from a small scale perspective are not aware that taxes come back to them in another form.

Infrastructure (streets, railways), education, public services, to name some important areas where taxmoney flows back to you to make your life better.

Don't say you're not leaving the house, or you never use the railways.
You do.
Your furniture, the oranges you buy, your glasses and your underpants, for instance. It all comes faster and from greater distances.

Don't say you're too old to benefit from education.
Young people do. And the better they're educated, the more they will earn and the more taxes they'll pay, so the more services will be available to you.

Let's think small scale again.
What do you do when you're short of money?
You'll look around and you'll have a critical look. What can you do without?

It's important to have a large scale look too.
What can the country do without?
It's doesn't mean you have to eat less, be less warm in the winter, get less care or education.
It does mean you have to get rid of those things that won't benefit your country at all.

Some people say that it's important to produce more and sell what's produced for higher prizes to other countries and for smaller prizes in their own country.
They're right.
Money should come in, and the cost of production should be paid.

Others say that there should be a good look at what's really defense of the country and what's interfering in other nations without real benefit, and with costs of precious lives.
The workpower of all these boys and girls, men and women, can be better used within the country to get better education (more money available of taxes in the near future), and to produce more (so more money streams towards the country).

That's why one of the president candidates meantions withdrawal from Iraq.

I know some say that that way the USA looses prestige.
Forget it.
People who are willing to admit their mistakes, take action and better their lifes, are always far more respected than those who struggle forward on the wrong road. Especially when that means loss of lifes.

I think it will be a good step forward to better relations between the USA and Europe. And those better relationship is needed.
For economical stability against the influence of rising nations on the international market, but also because it tightens the bonds instead of accentuates that allies are not heard.
You won't keep friends by reminding them of contracts that are drawn, you'll keep friends by living in understanding and mutual care.

Some say withdrawal of Iraq leaves the country to fall apart.
I don't think withdrawal will take place within a week.
And the people there have brains like us too.
Don't ignore the many changes that are already made, the knowledge that has been transferred, and the assistance and support they can get from international organisations.

It would mean a substantial gain for American economy as the workpower and enthousiasm of all those young people can be used within the country itself, and the money that is now thrown away with munition is used in America itself.

When high taxes can influence the economy as a whole, the chance is that everything will be better for everyone.

Oh...about those unseen influences.
Better healthcare costs more money. (Use the taxes). But it also means that people get better treatment and more people get better healthcare.
It's a shame mothers have to choose between a PAP-smear and a shot for their own children and end up having cancer, because they couldn't afford a simple screening method. It's a shame that some children won't get the surgery they need and a community has to resort to all sorts of activities to earn the money, finding out that it took so much time that the problem has become inoperable and the child dies.
Hmm...talking about international prestige.

Better healthcare for all, means that infectuous diseases spread less frequent and the use of the healthcare system gets less.
Better healthcare means more screening methods can be used, so problems can be cured in an early stage with simpler methods, which means far less costs.

There will be more people available who pay the taxes, so in the end they'll lower again.

Well, I think you understand now what I mean.

Maybe you'll think about voting for Obama.

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  1. I like some of what you have to say there in your post. I think that withdrawal is the correct thing to do in Iraq and I think cost effective health care is important too.

    Barrack Obama is not my choice though. I feel he is a well intentioned man and has some good ideas. However, I think he is the same old politician that we have seen in the U.S.A. for a long time. He is telling the people what they want to hear but what he is going to do in office will not be the same.

    I have nothing against him and I'm not calling him a liar it is just the way the political arena has become. They are advised by pollsters and people that are concentrating on the educated paper work end of it that states this is what you have to say if you want to win. Many politicians have admitted that they do this with no remorse. They are correct at times unfortunately.

    Obama is very young and there is little to prove his skill sets and determination. I think the U.S.A. is at a point that it needs change but also at a critical point that it needs proven abilities.

    Ron Paul has the record to prove what he will do. We need someone that we can count on not to be swayed by special interests or just change his mind after he learns more facts or information.

    Ron Paul has proven that he will not be swayed by special interests.
    He will bring the troops home. He has the knowledge and experience to fix the economy.

    I will have to stick with Ron Paul myself. Barrack Obama seems like he is a good man and politician. I just don't think he is ready for the position or will make the changes that are needed in the U.S.A.


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