Saturday, February 9, 2008

warmth pollution

february 9 2008

Here in The Netherlands people are very aware of the consequences of the climate change.
Maybe it's because we're living in a country that lies for a large part under sea level.

We're protected by dykes, and most of the time we feel very safe, but we know that the expected rising of the sealevel with have devastating effects when we won't be able to keep in control.

Since the 70ties of last century (oh..I love to say that. LOL!) were very aware of the effects of pollution.
I remember we sold tins with clean air, and the money went to the Brazilian rainforests.

Now we're more serious.

This morning the council announced a special plane will fly over our town and measure how much warmth is lost through the roofs.

With the results the building companies and house-owners can isolate the houses better, so we'll use the generated warmth as much as possible, while in the meantime we won't pollute the world around us.


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