Saturday, February 9, 2008


february 9 2008

Most of the time I dream of living somewhere in Scotland, far away from the citynoises and the toodoo of normal life.
Just homeschooling my children, growing my own vegetables, and walking past a lake without houses on the other side.

But on days like this I enjoy living at the border of the city.

Today the sun is shining and the temperature is well enough to get people outside.

I've seen quite some people trying to loose winterwieght by jogging ro running.
It's clear they're not used to the rythm and the exercise.
Their heads sticking out in front, like the nooses needs to guide the way.
The backs as straight as a broomstick, they're not used anymore to bending and soupleness.

But I admire their courage to show their lack of exercise to the world.

Just when I turn my head to answer a question of one of the children my eyes catch a movement in the house opposite ours.

The curtains are open, which only happens when they are cleaned, so I guess it's done on purpose.
I see he and she running on treadmills.
So that's what was brought yesterday with the large truck!!

It's kind of funny to see them running inside their house while others walk past.


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