Wednesday, February 20, 2008

three word wednesday

February 20 2008


All the evidence that was found on the crime scene was a punch press. Without fingerprints.
Even though he was a detective for 20 years now, he wasn't able to solve THIS case.
He felt like hitting his head against the wall, but the thought of getting even more insane prevented him from getting attention from the whole department.

Taking leave and have others deal with this case wasn't an option either.
So he scratched his head, threw the pencil on his desk and walked to the coffee-machine.

While he waited for the hot water to mix with the coffeepowder he felt someone approaching.
It was a young woman... a girl. Looking like she'd just escaped from the sixties.
He stepped aside and watched her pressing the button for hot chocolate.

She turned to him and smiled.

There was something familiar in his face. "Maybe she's the daughter of a collegue", he thought.

When she took the chocolate out of the machine his eyes caught a tiny hole in her T-shirt.
It wasn't a burning hole, as the fabric was the same colour.
It looked new.

Somewhere in his mind a thought popped up... the hole looked like it was made with a punch press.

Would it... could it?

"I want to ask you something".
She smiled again. "Yes?"
"I want to ask you... have you made that hole with a special device?
My daughter wants them in some fabric too, but I don't know...."

He didn't even need to finish his sentence and his lie.
He never got a daughter.

"Come with me", she said, and guided him through the office to one of the rooms at the personell department.

From a drawer she took the divice and showed him how to make a punchhole in a piece of paper.

"Where can I buy a thing like that?"

She wrote down an adress and gave it to him.

Not even an hour later he asked the lady in the shop whether she'd sold two punchpresses to one buyer.
She nodded and described the young woman in detail.

When he went back to the office he knew he'd caught the killer.

Careful observance and intuition were his means to unravel the mysteries of crime.

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  1. very clever... what an excellent take on the prompt.....

  2. very clever use of the prompts.... how would one go about killing someone with a punch press... hit them with it i guess......

  3. Welcome to 3WW.

    I really like the way you used the words, very interesting and well written story.



  4. The Punch-Press Killer; sounds intriguing.
    More, more.

  5. Interesting story - good take on the prompts. I'm going to throw out my paper punch. :)

  6. I didn't even think of a paper punch. Very creative. Welcome to 3WW.

  7. quite a nice story for your first 3WW. Welcome.

  8. Excellent use of the provided words. Interesting story. I guess you can kill someone with anything if you are of a mind to.

  9. Funnily enough, I can't find mine.

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  11. AHHH Yes someone else who looks out of the squared circle.....


  12. I like how you used the prompt for the word punch -- you took it to a whole new place...who would have thought of a punch press as a weapon!!! :)

  13. If only it were that easy? :)

    Welcome to 3WW!

  14. Yes, with all the tricky techie stuff a good eye and some white lies) can still solve a crime. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. OOh I like mysteries and detective stories...I couldn't tell at first if the detective was a "real" detective or a bored office worker letting their imagination go bonkers (due to the fluorescent lights;)) simply acting like a detective - but when it was a "killer" they finally found- well I guess that confirmed it. You kept me engaged and it was well-written. Thank you!

  16. Clever little tale using a hole punch as a weapon. You must watch Criminal Minds on Wednesdays because your detective used observances to solve his crime. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

  17. Creative use of the word punch :) I, too, thought it might just be some missing office supplies at the first.

    Welcome to 3 Word Wednesday. Hope to see you again.


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