Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Texas, Obama, Clinton

february 25 2008

It was a relatively long wait this time... but as expected: she's throwing mud!

Is that the president people want?
Someone who pats the hand of the other candidate one day, ridicules him the other day, and then lashes out?

OK, we know Texans love a fight.

But they also want a thrustworthy president, don't they?

Someone who deserves respect.
And please, be it a little bit easier to respect the president than the one ruling the nation now.

Tension rises on the Clinton side.
Her husband has jumped in with full power, and so did other (former) political friends, adding to the old fashioned feel that now the battle is fought on different layers.

Non-finished sentences, little smiles, looks with raised eyebrows.
A photo, shot at an innocent moment, taken out of context and thrown in the battle... why?
To suggest certain things?


That's clear.
When you can't defeat them, undermine them.

During a long talk with someone this evening about politics he said:
"Didn't she really know nothing about Monica?
Either she was blind, or she was lying.

I don't want someone who didn't take a stand against those practices.
She ignored matters to keep her husband, so she accepted bad morale for personal gain.

That's unacceptable for a president."

Well, that says a lot.


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