Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stupid me

february 5 2008

It's always interesting how people react when others make a mistake.

Just a simple one.

No harm done, but two extra mails.
Friendly ones.

I was just caught up by the enthousiasm of others, caught by the feeling of belonging to a group of people who love to show their blogs to the world.
It's nice to feel a bond when you come out of weeks of struggling with people who just don't care how others feel.

Stupid me.

I should have known better than to think people would be caught with the same enthousiasm.

Sharing my enthousiasm would have the side-effect of being able to win a prize.

I should have known that winning a prize, something for me, would be out of reach.
I was able to withstand the give-aways of the season, protecting myself from the disappointments of winning and not getting the prize.
But I fell for this one.

Well, at least I had a few moments the feeling of a virtual bond, of enthousiasm, of sharing.
Of reaching out.

"This says something about the other person, mom."

Quite right.


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