Tuesday, February 12, 2008


february 12 2008

I feel very stressed.

As far as I can see all the paperwork that needed to be submitted for a positive decision about the application for my autistic son for the auti-class is complete. (Except for one from the psychiatrist, which I'll write today and have him sign tomorrow. But that one is just a bureaucratic detail. It isn't very important.)

Yesterday the person who should decide if everything is complete wasn't at school.
Maybe she's one of the flue victims? Who knows.

So I'm waiting for a mail or a call with the message that everything is OK.

Right now he isn't going to school.
I think I have to accept he won't go to a regular school anymore.

Ofcourse I have a legal duty to send him, and he has a legal duty to be sent.
But how can you force someone of 15 who is so afraid of bullying that he can't face up to going?

Ofcourse I've had all sorts of advice.
People know so well what should be done and what not.

Interesting is that none has spoken with my son, and certainly none has seen his panick in the morning.

He was so glad this morning to escape from it all that he volunteered to shower. LOL!
He hates showering.

I often wonder why people like him are forced to go to school and find a job.
He will always need someone to support him, and he will always be distressed.
He just can´t cope with all the social aspects, the communication, the demands.

Why just not let him be happy the way he chooses to be happy?


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