Thursday, February 21, 2008

still no word from the new school

februari 21 2008

We still haven't heard anything from the new school of my autistic son.
Last tuesday we called and the secretary said she'd call back, but nothing has happened.

So I wonder if we're in for another disappointment.

It makes clear I need to keep a kind of log again, to proof we have done everything we could to make him go to school.

He's coming to rest now.
His kind former self is coming back, which is a gain.

I still struggle with the question why society can't accept that some people are happier when they're not going to school.
I'm not talking about a lazy, puberty hormones driven, non-thinking, normal kid, but about an autistic boy, who can't deal with social communication.

The last years at school made him visibly unhappy.
He was always complaining and he started to become very distrustful.
I was almost ready to have him institutionalised, because the whole family had to keep quiet not to cause another meltdown.

The mornings are so much happier for all of us, now I don't need to have a struggle to get him to school.
The dispair when it wouldn't work!
I can't tell you how many tears...

The government is always talking about money and investments.
Well, without proper treatment all education is a pure waste, because he won't be able to use it, unless they'll find him a job he can do all by his own, which motivates him every day again just by itself.

I don't like the fact that I feel the pressure of "the law" every day.
Some rules decide I'm a bad parent now, because I'm not forcing him to go to the "former" school again.

I'm not deliberately going against the law... I'm just choosing what's best for my son and my family.

And this self prescription has a good side-effect: it's better for my bloodpressure too.


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