Saturday, February 9, 2008

Spring cleaning

february 9 2008

Either our local newspaper employs a new reporter or the early vibes of spring are triggering unsuspected urges to write about nature and health.

There's a huge article about the way the council deals with open spaces.
It's like all open spaces in town need to be filled with houses.
We're told by the paper we don't want houses, but nature.
And I fully agree.

The part of town where I've spend my youth doesn't have the charm anymore of the old days.
Some architects have pumped the open areas full with buildings that only show off their socalled creativity. There's no coherence anymore between the buildings, it's just a chaos of styles.

Spring shows itself in the way people deal with their environment and themselves.

On the other side of the street there are some people talking while one of them is washing the car.

I want to go outside too and enjoy some gardening.

But the kitchencupboards need a clean too.

Oh my I feel the need for springcleaning?


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