Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Sedona Method

February 7 2008

It's long ago.
The seventies.

The person who knew me best, who was like a brother to me, my best friend, explored the world of meditation. He went to India, to the masters, their ashrams. And he brought back the most wonderful items and fabrics.

I was living with my parents, trying to break out of a life of judgement, orders, trying to hurt no one else.
My gram asked me: when do you stop hurting yourself?

A year later my brotherfriend was back again, and went to India again.
For me the year had been filled with school, music, ballet and a couple of evenings with a woman who understood how to follow her dreams and who just did what she wanted. She accepted me the way I was, and made me feel..just me.
She taught me how to drink a cup of chocolate, how to be in the moment. She taught me that there was no need to feel anything but the warmth and the fullness of the taste.
It was the perfect lesson to let go of unwanted emotions, judgements and even self judgment.
When she left she even taught me how to let go of the sadness.

I took meditation classes and left. I thought I was doing something wrong, because I never could experience the emptiness others were talking about.

Then my brotherfriend came back again. He was full of stories and experiences, full of pride about his path to enlightment.
I was just an ordinary girl. I didn't even understand meditation.
Instead of leaving I asked him how he felt when he was meditating. I was able to let go of following my thoughts. But when I reached further I never met emptiness, only a huge overpowering feeling.
I was told I was completely doing the wrong thing.

It took ages to realize I was touching the strong inner feeling of peace and happiness we all have.
I was so used to all those judgements about my hair, my looks, the way I walked. So used to self judgment. I was never living up to the expectations of others, let alone up to my own expectations. I was just surviving.

Until an old native told me I should trust that strong inner feeling, because that was the core of my being, my inner peace, that was me as The Great Spirit would see me.

Often people ask me how I manage things, how I can deal with everything happening in my life, my family. How I can deal with people around me who make life even more difficult by the lack of attention and care.

Well, sometimes I think I manage by fighting my battles right, by getting angry, by writing letters, etc etc. But I end up exhausted.
Luckily there's one gift in my life that comes each day: the night.
The silence in the house, that one light colourful spot where I am, in the middle of the big dark world... it makes me be silent, and ask myself how important things are.
Sometimes I write something down, because it really needs to be done. And the rest just can go.

I start feeling the love for my children again, and then I forget about everything.
For a while I'm just me. Me and the world around me.

Through the ages people have been trying to find ways to feel more whole, to find inner peace, to live life in a more loving way, to become one with nature.
Some call it beingness presence awareness.

The Sedona Method provides an easy method to let go of unwanted emotions.
Like I do with my clients (I'm a psychologist) the method starts by explaining that we are not the emotions we experience, we feel them. And that's it. And because we feel them and we're not completely one with them, we can let them go.
Like a child can let go of the loud crying when he bumps his head and there's no one around to give attention, like a child lets go of the pain after mom kisses the bruise.

Hale Dwoskin is one of the official 24 teachers of The Secret.
People who attend his retreats feel the power that lives inside them.
They even experience the law of attraction: the lack of negative emotions makes place for good things to happen.

Well, I can write a book about this, but this is a blog, so I won't.

Others already have done so.

Maybe my gram should ask you too: "When do you stop hurting yourself?".
She died many years ago. So I'm the one asking you the same question.

Life can be so much easier to live.
That's The Secret.


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