Thursday, February 7, 2008

results of schooltest dependent on practice?

february 7 2008

I saw on TV that children in another part of the country got special practice for the CITO tests all kids get in the last year of the basic school.

Well, my girls have a schoolvacation untill monday, so they won't get any special training.

Which made me wonder if they will have an advantage, because they're more relaxed, or of the other children will have an advantage because they practiced more.

So I mailed the organisation asking about research done on the subject.


But she said that the tests are about what is retained from 8 years of education.

Hmm.. It's 6 years, because the first two years aren't supposed to be real education, and when kids get a chance to rehearse they'll remember better.

So now I'm interested in the results.

Are there regional differences?
Maybe between the vacation area and the non-vacation area?

In case there are, are the children with learning disorders set back more?

And I'm interested whether children with autism disorder are set back more, because they have to deal with a change of routine, and that usually makes them stressed.

And eh....

I wonder if they'll report back to me later this year. LOL!


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