Monday, February 18, 2008

politics: back to the old ways?

february 18 2008

No politics without throwing mud.

Hillary Clinton throught she's better inform the public about the fact that Obama honors a friend by using his oneliners and such.

That't the old fashioned way of practicing politics.

It makes clear what happens when she looses grip.

She tried it before: digging up dirt about the other candidates, but she never got hold of the other party, because it's low.

Sometimes I think people should do the same to her: look up old speeches from her and her husband and compare them to what she uses now, tear or no tear as added extra.
I think we'd be in for some marvellous surprises.

I can only hope that people who have to vote during the next weeks are not as blind as they are considered by Clinton.
Does she really have a large group of hispanics backing her up?
Dismissing Solis Doyle might have been a huge mistake, according to Maggie Haberman.

Let's hope the next weeks these politicians will be confronted with original and practical questions, so we can see how their problemsolving abilities are.

That's what one of them needs to clean up the mess in the White House.


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