Saturday, February 9, 2008

No relationship MMR vaccine and autism

february 9 2008

I've never believed in a link between vaccines and autism.
Because some countries have far less vaccinations and the same amount of autistic children when the same definition of autism is used.
And because two of my children showed signs of autism before they even got one shot.

The whole idea of MMR shots causing autism started about 10 years ago.
The Lancet on February 28 1998 published a paper suggesting there was a relationship.
Not only other studies couldn't repeat the results of that study, in 2004 10 of the 13 authors retracted the study and the journal itself apologised for scaring so many people.

But it's like a true belief, even without any proof people take something for a fact and it's almost impossible to change their opinion.

In the new study, published in Archives of Disease in Childhood, 240 children aged between 10 and 12 participated.
98 children with autism, and two comparison groups: 52 children with special educational needs but no autism, and 90 children who were developing normally.

All children got the MMR vaccination, but not all the second dose.

Blood samples were taken and used for antibody tests.

There are three hypothesis(theories) about the possible comnnection between MMR vaccine and autism:
- evidence of persistent measles infection
- an abnormal immune response
- an inflammatory bowel disorder called enterocolitis.

They found no association at all.

The findings are backed up by other research.
Some are large scale studdies on about 30.000 children. Including those looking to the influence of thimerosal, used as a preservative in MMR vaccines but dropped in 1999.


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