Monday, February 4, 2008

the Natalee Holloway case solved?

february 3 2008

Is the case of Natalee Holloway solved?

I can say that the case isn't solved before the police has been able to verify details of the story.

Wat might be the case?

She was terribly drunk, and went to the beach to have sex.
They fumbled around a bit and then she probably had an epileptic seizure.
After that she didn't show any signs of life anymore.

She was assumed death, but it's not clear if this was checked carefully enough.

Joran van de Sloot called a friend and she was transported by boat.
She's found her grave in the sea.

The documentary didn't speak of the 25.000 euros which were paid to the man who made himself a friend of Joran van der Sloot.

The documentary itself showed that Joran van der Sloot was telling a story to that socalled friend.
Interesting was that he was smoking a joint.

For the law that makes this statement "a statement under influence", which wouldn't be legally acceptable in any way.
And apart from that recordings were made with a hidden camera and microphone. This isn't legally acceptable either.

But I think that this will be ignored under pressure of public opinion.

For me as a psychologist this is an interesting case.
Having experience with pathological liers I see several signs that make me doubt his story.

But apart from that.

Peter R de Vries has seen the recordings and he still mentions a friend of 22, whereas Joran van der Sloot clearly said 25.

What was most disturbing was the fact that he didn't go to America to inform the mother in her own home, so she could get support from her family and friends, but had her come to The Netherlands and on top of that recorded her reactions.

He wasn't neutral, nor supportive, but he was colouring her emotions.

I don't understand why Nathalee's mother didn't want to know what he had found out rightaway, but waited days and travelled all the way to The Netherlands to hear the story.

When we can believe the words of Joran van der Sloot he witnessed an epileptic seizure, and Natalee die.
He didn't cause her death and didn't kill her.
There's one important issue: it's not clear if he or his friend were careful enough in establishing her death.
So she might have been (barely) alive when she was taken with them in the boat.
Meaning she might not have died on the beach.

In that case she is (unintentionally) murdered.

He disposed of her body or a friend did. He said it was a friend.
He mentioned the name of this friend.
Interesting is that the friend was not in Aruba at the time of the disappearance of Natalee.

Last week he said in an interview that this whole story can be verified to be wrong, because this friend isn't a childhoodfriend, but someone he met just a few weeks ago when he was in Aruba.

So one way or another, the person he names is not involved in the case.

Another interesting fact is that he spoke of a phone he used to call that friend.
This is a phone that needs a creditcard.
It's easy to check if this phone was used.
The phone is in a dark area at night, so how could he see enough to choose a number?

The people I have spoken here are not convinced he's speaking the truth during these car rides.

Interesting is that Peter R de Vries didn't look for evidence of his story.
When no proof can be found this is the largest public slander campaign in history.

The prosecutor in Aruba has to come with substantial proof to jail Joran.

February 4 the people in Aruba can see this program, and at a later time ABC will broadcast it in the USA.


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