Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Natalee Holloway case: Joran van der Sloot and Peter R. de Vries

february 5 2008

More and more people doubt the socalled confession of Joran van der Sloot.

He said he saw the body of Natalee slide into the sea, but he couldn't have been with the boat to bring her far enough so it wouldn't touch land again.
There's not enough time available before he went on internet.

The person he mentioned as the friend and boatowner, Duary, was not in Aruba at the time.

He already stated that the story in the car was made up and could easily be verified by asking Duary.

Joran has apologised to Duary about mentioning him.

He also has asked for a meeting with the police.

The police has searched his home and the house of his grandmother, where he stays often.

When they can't find proof for the details of Joran's secretly recorded story there is still nothing known about what happened with Natalee and where she is.

More and more people have questions about the legal aspects of the recordings.

It might even result in Peter R. de Vries ending in jail himself, because he has violated quite some laws.

It's not permitted to secretly record people, certainly not to broadcast recorded material without consent.

People also start to be critical about the way he interprets the tapes and the way he explains his ideas to the public.
There are also inconsistencies in his story.
He told in a program that the cardriver was asked by him to interrogate Joran van der Sloot, later he told he'd paid the guy 25.000 euro.
The cardriver himself said he went to Peter R. de Vries to solve the case.

During the taping, Joran was smoking a joint.
The cardriver provided them.
I don't know how legal that is, but I do know that people who smoke a joint have far more phantasy than when they don't.
A court won't accept this socalled statement, because Joran was "under influence".

Peter R. de Vries has presented part of the recorded material to Hans Mos, Aruba's chief public prosecutor.
After that more recordings were made, including those in which the cardriver was instructed to focus on certain details of the story.

In case this instruction is a result of requests of Hans Mos, the statements made on these recordings are not legally acceptable.

Many people express feelings of amazement because Joran expresses so little emotion.
Even though Peter R. de Vries tries to put the emotion in some actions, these actions are merely the result of the triggers put forward by the cardriver.

Looking closely at the tapes one can see his eye movements, hesitations before answering, relief after some hesitations before he comes up with new information.
behaviour of someone who lies (again), or tells the truth?

I'll keep you updated.

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  1. I'm following this closely, as I live in the same community as Beth Holloway.

    As you might imagine, the story is always on the minds of everyone here.

    Anne Glamore


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