Monday, February 4, 2008

A mom needs patience

february 4 2008

Last week we got the results of the tests of the girls.

Just 3 simple tests to back up the advice the school gave for the lext level.

One of the test was a kind of intelligence test and my dyslectic girl had to do it too.

To my surprise none bothered to read aloud the questions.
Which means she needs far more time than others to make the test, is more tired than others at the last part of the test and underscores. And she didn't understand some questions.

Ofcourse I know dyslectic children underscore at tests like these.
But to see she was nearly brainless according to the results was a bit too much.

So once again I had to inform an organisation they've made a mistake and I want them to take the proper actions.

A few weeks ago someone asked what a mom needs most.

I said patience, thinking about all the things the kids put me through.

Now I can say again patience... with people who make decisions about my children and making bad mistakes.
The woman who tested my kids had the same education that I've had.
Why do I know this and she doesn't??


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