Monday, February 18, 2008

manic monday

february 18 2008

What do you order when you eat Chinese food?

Well, as we have 7 or 8 mouths to feed, a day, at least, it's never expensive.
We'll get get-away. And most of the time it's nassi, bami, eggrol, springroll, sometimes Fried Chicken in Ginger Sauce.

How much have you controlled the course your life has taken?

I don't think I'm in control. Life is.

I controlled the amount of children... well, Not completely. When I wished for one, as a last, I got two. LOL!
But I didn't control how the children would be.

Whose opinion do you value when deciding how to vote?

My own.
We have a simple system.
A multiparty system.
Each party writes a partyplan, inclcuding desicions they want to make on areas like education, healthcare, economics, etc etc.

So it's a matter of deciding what's important to me, where I find the most I want, and where I find the most powers to realise the plans.

So I vote for that party, and only when there's a favorite in that party I vote for that person.

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  1. I love bami and spring rolls also :D

    I just join MM today, Will U visit My Manic Monday #1

  2. Thanks for explaining voting. Very interesting!

  3. You made me hungry! I've actually been craving chinese for DAYS before I even read that question.

  4. Thanks for dropping by. You're right.. we do agree on #2!

    I'd like to invite you to play Heads Or Tails which is a weekly meme on my blog. It's played every Tuesday, but I put my posts up Monday for the early birds to sign in. You can find the weekly themes on my right sidebar along with links to the rules & other graphics. :)

  5. Chicken in Ginger Sauce sounds delicious!

  6. Good post! And very instructive too...

    Here is my post, hope you had a great MM day!

  7. you have twins! that is awesome!

  8. nice answers you got there! ;) just hoppinh from MM's mr. linky! :) mine's up here.

  9. Hmm, don't think I've ever had bami or nassi..what are those? Great answers. *smiles*

    On a side note, thank you for your words of condolences for our loss. *HUGS*

  10. Great answers....thanks for visiting my MM.

    happy Tuesday!


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