Sunday, February 17, 2008

lazy sunday

february 17 2008

Last night it was very cold here.
The house hasn't take in the warmth of the heating, I guess, because outisde it was about -8, but it seemed to be much colder.

Or maybe the heating needs to be filled again. When I'm upstairs I need to have a look at the waterlevel.

I'm so very tired that I didn't do much up til now.
Just some laundry, surfing around a bit without thinking. Just looking at some art and such.

The girls are playing outside.
There's such a bright sun today. Maybe it's good I'm sitting here, resting my aching leg, instead of walking around.
The light is so clear that ones sees every little spot on the walls and ceiling.
I need to paint some of the walls, I want new lamps, and I want to rearrange some furniture.

Well, that needs to wait untill my leg can deal with climbing ladders and standing long.

In the meantime I'll watch the progress in the International Space Centre.

Have a great sunday yourself!!


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