Sunday, February 3, 2008

lazy and decisions

february 3 2008

For the first time in ages I've had a lazy day.

No laundry, no cleaning, nothing.

After all of the last weeks I needed to do nothing.
So I surfed around at internet, watched TV, talked a lot with the children, etc etc.

In the evening I had a talk with my third son.
He's doing his best at school and I'm very proud of him.
Because he's dyslectic and has ADHD he's at a school for special education, but he's having a very hard time there. Most of the kids are bullies, like they have nothing else to do. And my son is having such a hard time and has been threatened so many times and so badly that we went to the police last week.

It's unbelievable!

He wants to become a paramedic, but we always doubted if he would be able to get through nursing school and all the courses.

He started working more than a year ago and he's doing very well at the large shop.
Today his boss wasn't feeling well and when matters were getting out of hand, he stepped in and issues orders to his coworkers in a kind but clear way, so that all ran smoothly within no time.
He didn't realise his boss and some other bosses were watching him.

Later he got compliments.

When he came home and told about this I had a long talk with him.
Why not do what you like best now?

Se we decided that after this schoolyear, after the exams, he'll go to businessschool.
They have special courses there for young people with ADHD.

We're also going to have a talk at his work about carreerpossibilities. They have a kind of educational system too which is linked to the businessschool. I'm sure they can inform us about that.

When he still want to become a paramedic, he might start taking flightlessons and become a helicopterpilot at an ambulanceservice.

We were both very content about this decision and later he told me he was relieved.

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  1. I'm glad he reached a decision about coursework that he was happy with. I'm also sorry that he has such a rough time at school. Sometimes kids can be like a pack of wolves when someone is a little different from them and they can make their lives miserable. His good home will help to ground him emotionally so he can get through this fine.

    Take care.


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