Saturday, February 9, 2008

Joran van der Sloot. Update on the Natalee Holloway case

february 9 2008

Yesterday morning Joran van der Sloot has been interrogated by the police.

Later a statement was issued telling that Joran van der Sloot kept to what he said before in the TV program "Pauw & Witteman": what he told in the car were all lies.
he also said that the story he told in the car could easily be proven wrong by interviewing the person he mentioned.
This was true.

Additional to this he also said that he was under the influence of marijuana.

Aruba has declared him persona non gratu, unwanted person, so he can't visit Aruba anymore, unless it's on invitation of the prosecutor.

The day before the cardriver, Patrick van der Eem, was refused entrance to the USA because of a drugconviction in the past and a refusal of a visum.
In de media this man is described as a successfull entrepeneur. It's conveniently forgotten he was also a pimp.

The Aruban prosecutor requested the media to withdraw excessive attention from the case.
More and more the whole case looks like a witch hunt. People are intimidated.

The prosecutor explained that future witnesses might be influenced by all speculations they can read in the press.

Here in The Netherlands more and more people utter criticism on the way Peter R. de Vries has handles this and other cases.
Before, in the "Puttense Murdercase" he claimed to be able to solve the mystery, but he never managed to do so.

I wonder how honest he is in front of the large american audience.
In an interview with Greta van Susteren of Fox News he claims Joran van der Sloot refused to talk to him, because he was asking him tough questions.
This is in contrast with the fact that they both talked to each other at january 11 in the program of Pauw & Witteman. It was the program after which Joran threw a glass of wine towards Peter R. de Vries.

It's interesting to see how Peter R. de Vries is able to guide people in their thinking.
Statements that can cause doubt are immediately followed bu a statement that requires understanding on the part of the listener.
It's an interesting technique.

I'll keep you updated about developments here in The Netherlands.


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