Monday, February 18, 2008

Independence of Kosovo

february 18 2008

Kosovo has declared it's independence yesterday, calling itself the Republic of Kosovo.

The country lies in southeast Europe at about the height of Rome. See map.
In the past it was part of Yugoslavia.

I'm not going into the politocal history of the area.
It's far too complex to describe.
One can say it's a part of the world where ethnic and religious conflicts and misunderstandings keep people apart.

Right now Russia doesn't want to recognise Kosovo as an independent country, and they have asked the United Nations Security Council not to acknowledge Kososvo. Yesterday the United Nations Security Council today held an emergency closed-door session. No agreement was reached yet. read here.

Serbia has stated it'll never accept the independence of Kosovo. They regard it to be a province of Serbia.

Since 1999 the United Nations peacekeepers are in the area. Right now 16.000 are stationed there.

The accusations of Russia and Serbia that Europe had a role in the declaration of independence are not based on factual information.

Kosovo is a very poor country, with 40% unemployment, so there's no economical gain.
Europe doesn't strive to expand it's territory at all.

It just recognises the right to choose and it hopes there will be peace and safety in that part of the world.


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