Thursday, February 28, 2008

I didn't expect this at all.

february 28 2008

So we went to the new school expecting the news that my autistic son could start either tomorrow or monday.
The sun was shining bright.
A perfect day for weddings and other new beginnings.

We got a seat, and coffee, and had a nice short talk about the heating in the building.

"I have to bring you bad news.
He can't come here."

I couldn't believe my ears... thought I misunderstood.

Well, to make a meeting of 45 minutes short:
they won't admit him because the have another system of final exams that the school he has been visiting and he had to be listed before january 1.
She found out after inviting us, yesterday afternoon.

Next year he can't be admitted, because there is no room.
The place at the other level has already been filled.

So it's end of story.

I felt so sorry for my son, who was eager to go to school there, and who underwent a haircut this morning without one complaint. Which is a great achievement for him.
His face coloured as red as the colour of his shirt.

I've been working very hard to get all the paperwork done.
And I was looking forward to a time without troubles about homework or fighting to gain one little bit of extra care.
No rest for the wicked!

The woman told us there were other options and mentioned a few organisations which only offer some homework care and an exam. Options visited by young people who are borderline criminal.
My son is autistic, not criminal. And he needs proper care.

Then she mentioned some therapeutic settings which were well below his level of functioning.
Well, they wouldn't have him in a group below his intellectual level, I don't want him in a group below his social and psychological level.

I learned one thing for myself: I don't mind crying in public anymore.

Yesterday she said he would be introduced to his new teacher today, so I was planning applepie and ice for desert.
Instead I was killing the potatoes and carrots with my biggest knife.

What now?

There is nothing else than expensive email education.
Homescholing isn't allowed in this country... but it's what I have been doing for most of last year.

I didn't expect this at all.


  1. door closed...another will open..

    don't lose hope...

    it's all we have.

    I will pray for you all

  2. My heart goes out to you. If you can't see the opened door, I hope you at least can find a window.


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