Tuesday, February 19, 2008

heads or tails

february 19 2008

Heads: the letter P

P is for
  • problemsolving (there's something every day. ugh)
  • patience (daily task too)
  • politics (the best way to stay critical, watch them!)
  • plants (I love them)
  • puberty (not mine...the kids'!!)
  • pollen (oh, my eyes itch and hurt and nothing helps)
  • pedals (on my bycicle)
  • pipes (I can't live without my bagpipes)
  • plumbing (that leakage....it's still not completely gone)
  • present (I love presents!)

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    1. Here's a present (well sort of. . . ) I consider them presents! Comments are presents to me! ;) Have a great week and I enjoyed your blog!

    2. Bagpipes?!!! Wow!!! Way cool. I love the song "Amazing Grace" played on those. Awesome.

      My HoT is shared, I hope you can drop by for a 'chat'. Happy Tuesday.

    3. Great post for "P"! Problem solving and patience, pretty much go together!
      Happy Tuesday!

    4. Welcome to Heads Or Tails. I'm so glad you've joined. :)

      Plants. I love them too, but I am far from having a green thumb. I used to think the lifespan of any plant I bought was how long it took it to die once in came into my house.

      Now I remember to water them. LOL

      I'm adding you to the blogroll now. If you want the code to put it on your blog email me at Skittles0366@gmail.com

    5. Patience was on my list too...I need so much more of it than I have!

    6. I just posted news of a contest I'm having for Heads Or Tails players. Check it out. :)

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    8. Please rea dthe comment policy when you want to advert your site in the comments.

    9. Bagpipes?? I love them. Soon you will blog about them??? Please?? My HoT is here, thank you.

    10. Liked your list - some of the items were far more happy-ing than others. Pollen isn't really great and plumbing can be really bad. Grin. Nice post!


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