Saturday, February 16, 2008

the girls applied for a school

february 16 2008

Last night I had a thourough look into the schoolchoice of the girls again.

It's either the school nearby, or a school 30 minutes from here.

I read all the information again and the tone of the leaflets of the school nearby made me feel uncomfortable.
They're just not hitting the right tone for me. They know it all so well, and they're too proud of the results.
No kids telling their story on the site...
It just didn't do anything... but made me feel not well about it.

So we decided there would be visted one school only.

I couldn't go with them.
My leg hurts too much to bycicle, so they went with their dad.

Well, they just came back.
All happy and bright.

They have already filled in the applicationforms.
They also spoke to one of the people who decided.
He recognised them from last year and even knew one of the girls is dyslectic.

All the children will be tested at the start of the year.
Then those who need it get special help during 6 months and then those with dyslexia will be tested by the school.
And it's the first school we know that pays for the testing.

I'm so glad I've kept to the opinion that testing for dyslexia shouldn't be the problem of an individual as long as tests for epilepty are paid by the healthinsurances.

It makes a difference of about 1400 dollars!

But the money aside, the girls love the school.
They have special programs for creative kids, and mine are.

There's a musical group and the girls would love to get part of it.
I'm sure they will, with their singing and dance experience.

Wouldn't it be great to get children ta a school where they are happy and we don't need to have a fight to get some quality care for dyslexia?

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  1. Hi surfed here through Blog Explosion this morning ( in case you were wondering lol)
    Just wanted to say I hope you find a school that suits your girls needs.
    Have a great weekend.


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