Tuesday, February 5, 2008


february 5 2008

Two of the boys have left now.
One is working, the other is making a video with his brother.

We decided to make it a girl power morning.
It's what we need here at times.
3 girls between 5 guys needs a statement once in a while, needs something special.

We want to claim our place in the house.
And now puberty has entered for them too, we want female hormones to dominate our world.
We don't want to loose the princess in us, but we also want to be the Queen.
We want to be able to realise our dreams and become whatever we want, without loosing who we are.

My girls are perfectly able to enjoy the fluffy, pink, romantic tutu of a ballet dancer.
They love ballet, they love pink.

But it doesn't mean that they're not looking beyond the stage of pretending.
They take what they like and want to learn and move on to actions that enable them to become what they want.

So we prepared for the exams of next week, baked a creamy lemon cake, and choose a T-shirt to show the world we are the future leaders.

Last week we had a family discussion about feminism.
How many women threw overboard half the world to show how powerful they were.
We all agreed that being powerful means that one needs to incoorporate both femaile and male, both strong and weak characteristics to become a balanced person.

"Doesn't Girl Power mean I can be the best at all professions? That I can be whatever I want to be?"

Yea right.

Right now my queens of creativity are personalising their own T-shirts.
I still had some plain white ones waiting for a grey day like this.

Some real girl power music is filling the room.

That's us!!


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