Saturday, February 23, 2008

first day of spring

february 24 2008

What a night.
I couldn't sleep.
The minutes passed.
My mind was just wandering through memories.
I just let them go.
It was just after the news of 4.30 when I fell asleep.

Waking up was not as gradually.
It was like someone launched me at 11.30. LOL!

I was downstairs at 11.45 showered and all.
The girls were already outside helping the neighbour with the move.

In the afternoon we waved her goodbye and then I realised it was such good weather and the garden needed some TLC, so I took a bucket and some garden equipment and completely lost track of time.

The weather was awesome!!
A bit of sun, but not too much.
A bit of wind, but not too much.

I removed a lot of the old bramblebranches, and an equal lot of ivy.
Got rid of a load of moss, and removed old branches and other things.

Now my hands look like strawberries.
I should have put on thick gardengloves before removing the bramble-branches.
But I just couldn't wait.

The first day of spring...


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