Friday, February 8, 2008

finding out the right date

february 8 2008

Today I suddenly remembered one of the mothers of the playmate of my girls celebrates her ... of ...these... days.

I just couldn't remember which day.

I have a small agenda I write the birthdays in, but I couldn't find it.

Because it was bugging my mind so terribly I decided to ask my girl to go and play there, have a look on the calendar and remember the date.

She was happy to go, had a good time and came back with the right date.

What a relief!


  1. Friday Feast isn't up this week so I made some questions of my own....feel free to join in and pass the word along :)

  2. Cute - sounds like she's a great help to her mom!

    When you have a chance, I've tagged you for a fun MeMe - come visit my site and participate! :-)

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