Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally, finally, finally!!!

february 19 2008

Yesterday we call to the new school-to-be of our autistic son and asked whether the files were OK.

The woman in question didn't know, because the person handling the files was ill.
At the end of the week she would have a peek, but when the ill woman was due back next week she would rest the file untill then.

Ofcourse we explained that each day would make it less likely he would go to school again, so maybe she could....????

She just called.
The files look good.
The psychologist has to decide to which group he'll go and he is back tomorrow.
As soon as possible we will be contacted.

I'm so happy!!

This means he's one step further towards going to school again, to an auti-class.

The paperwork will go to a special board that takes the final decision he can go there.
But right now he needs to be seen by the psychologist and then he can go to the new school as a guest.

There are no other options open anymore.
He can't cope with a normal school, and certainly not with the stress of the final exams.

Pffff.... what a lot of work it was to get those files complete.

The rest just seems to be nothing.


  1. Best wishes to your son with the new school. My oldest grandson isn't autistic, but he does have some learning disabilities and I know how hard it is to find proper help.

  2. I'm not sure how it works in your country, but "mainstreaming" isn't always best for a child with special needs. I truly hope this arrangement works best for your family and brings out his best potential.


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