Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earthquake hit England

february 27 2008

There's so much seismological unrest at the moment.

An earthquake hit Great Brittain with a magnitude of about 4.9 to 5.1 on the scale of Richter at 12:56:45 AM local time.

Location: close to Grimsby in north-east Lincolnshire.

50 km (30 miles) S of Kingston upon Hull,
70 km (45 miles) NE of Nottingham,
80 km (50 miles) E of Sheffield,
205 km (125 miles) N of LONDON.

The quake was felt in a large area of england, all up to Manchester, the Midlands and London.
People woke up and found themselves in a shaking world.

It's the largest earthquake since 1990.

There are no reports of casualties at the moment.


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