Tuesday, February 5, 2008

deodorants and puberty

february 5 2008

One of the main puberty issues here in the house: deodorants.

There has been a time that I carefully had to remind a vulnerable child that the use of deodorant is part of growing up.
Like hairs suddenly popping out from the most strange areas of the body, deodorants are part of puberty.

Either you use it, or you wash yourself a couple of times a day or you smell.
As simple as that.


Advertisements state that the smell of a deodorant is a manifestation of the uniqueness of the individual, so hunting for uniqueness they go.

I have 6 puberty hormones driven people here in the house, all on the hunt for their own individuality.
Which means I have at least that many smells of deodorants in the house.

Have you had a sniff of those new ones?
You know, the ones that attrackt girls like flies?
I'm sure these are all designed by people who were traumatized in the time I grew up.

We were brought up to tolerate others and enable others to tolerate us.
So no loud music, no yelling on the street when babies could be asleep, and certainly no smells of perfume or anything else that could be percepted further than a noselength of the body.

Maybe young people nowadays need to mark their space on this world like dogs and wild animals. I don't know.
They certainly trigger my perception and they sure bring me beyond the lovely feeling of tolerance.

I'm so glad I can smell the roses, the honeysuckle, the lillies of the valley, when spring enteres my garden and celebrates life.
The graceful art of nature which is reflected in these fragrances adds to the quality of life.

Those terrible heavy smells of modern deodorants are like thick layers of old after a tanker has sunk on the ocean and all the dark dirt is pouring out and is killing each and every life around it.
The stink sticks to the T-shirts and trousers, and when I open my washing machine my nose closes to defend my system from acute break down.

There's no need to talk here about the generation gap.

There is no gap.

There's pure disgust.

They say the smell of the deodorant is a reflection of the character of the person wearing it.

Me oh my!


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