Thursday, February 7, 2008

dentist appointment and cancellation

february 7 2008

It was november when I made the appointment for the dentist for yesterday.

It couldn't have been a better date and time.
In the middle of the vacation, first thing in the morning, on a day the father of the children was able to keep an eye on them.

Because of the vacation my mouth had time to heal for 4 days before the school would bother me again. (it's a surgical matter).

Last week I got a letter... appointment cancelled.

I was angry for a moment.

Well, by the time it was yesterday I'd accepted the fact and opted to sleep in for an hour.

Forget it!

The phone rang: where was I?
At home ofcourse.
Didn't I know I had an appointment?
No... I should be there NOW.

She denied I'd received a cancellation.

Luckily I checked the date the evening before and the letter was right in front of me.

With HER signature!!!

Do other people have to deal with issues like these too?


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