Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bussy day

february 11 2008

Schools started again.

Ofcourse there were huge troubles to get my autistic son to school...
So he didn't go...
It took quite a while for my bloodpressure to go down again.

It helped that I needed to bring paperwork to his new school. The sun was shining and the temperature was still low.

The girls had swimming lessons again and both came home very proud.
Their progres is very remarkable, especially considering the fact that they didn't manage to get as far in 6 months when they had swimminglessons a few years ago.

Tomorrow the last test from school start.
They both were very stressed, and nearly cried.
What a pity!

Later, in the evening, they couldn't sleep.
I called them downstairs and we looked how the columbus neared the space station.
They both enjoyed it so much that they forgot all about the tests.

Keep your fingers crossed for them.


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