Thursday, February 14, 2008

bullying, bed and bussy

february 14 2008

Its early morning.

2 hours ago I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep.

Worked all night to get the text on paper that should be signed by the psychiatrist of my autistic son. It's needed for the admission to the auti-klas.

Today I have to go with my second son to his psychiatrist for another step in his diagnosis, so it'll be easy to get the signed paperwork from the desk and bring it straight to the school.

I was too stressed and too tired to sleep, so I went downstairs to help the girls to school.
Son nr 3 told me about a problem at school.

Bullying, and a teacher who reacts like he's blind.
We've been in the same situation several times before, so this time I decided not to be nice tothe teacher, but just write the principal a mail. I asked him to solve the problem wisely.

I hope he does, because I can't take much more stress.

The girls have their last morning of national tests and went to school smiling. In their bags a present for their boyfriends. I can't remember being bussy with valentine's day so early in life.
It's fun to seen them.

This week they need to make a choice for a new school.

This evening they'll attend a special info-class at one of the schools.
Saturday they'll have a look at two others.

It's the choice between a good school nearby. The convenience of 5 minutes to and fro.
Parents evenings that won't last much longer than needed. And some nice cultural activities.

And a school about half an hour from here, where they'll always arrive sweaty because it's uphill and at the ther side of a high bridge. This school is buzzing with cultural activities and creativity, which might overpower the need to study.

Well, I'll jump back in bed now the kids are to school and try to sleep one cycle before taking a shower and going with my son to his psych.

See you later!

Have a great valentine's day!


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