Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Atlantis about to land

february 20 2008

The space shuttle Atlantis is ready to return to earth.

Within a couple of minutes the Atlantis will take action to descent.
The Atlantis will land at Kennedy Space centre at it's first attempt at
8.07 AN CT.
One of the crewmembers is Mr. Tani. He's been 120 days in space.

The flight has been a very bussy, but relaxed one.
At times the team was ahead of schedule.

This time the Columbus, a new module designed by Europe, was attached to the International Space Centre.

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Now descending at 470 feet per second.
Atlantis will make a a reverse 80 degree roll to the left to loose energy. Then it will go on course again.


Another roll reversal is started now above the Gulf of Mexico.


900 miles from space centre
48 miles altitude


8 minutes from touch down.
Shuttle in vision.
20 miles altitude


Atlantis is now manually flown.
Twin sonic booms are signalling Atlantis's arrival.


Atlantis now turnes to align itself to the runway.
Runway will be in sight in any moment.
Atlantis breaks through the clouds, and runway can be seen clearly.
11.000 feet.



They're safely home again!!!!!


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