Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another step for the girls

february 9 2008

The girls came back from bagpipelesson with lots of stories to tell.

The new teacher accomplishes wonders by his positive attitude.

They enjoy practicing far more after they had the chance to perform.
I've told that more than a year ago to the former teacher, but he had a complete different way of dealing with children.

Now the girls are invited to the normal practice evening.

They're very happy about it, because it means they're considered to be a bit more grown up.

I'm not completely happy with it, because it means bedtime is far later.

But they'll get more lessons, and the saturday will be far more relaxed.
No alarm waking up people who are not ready for the weekend.

It also means they're almost ready for the real bagpipes.
I guess it'll be smallpipes.

Just forgetting the finances....

Wouldn't it be great to perform with my girls on smallpipes?



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