Monday, February 25, 2008

and the teacher... out!

february 25 2008

One of the girls had another teacher last thursday and friday, because her own teacher was ill.
It's not expected that her own teacher will return in the near future, so the guy was supposed to come untill the end of the schoolyear, which would also be the end of the time at that school for group 8.

At thursday she came home almost crying, so I took apper and pen and wrote him a little letter, trying to make him aware of the fact that yelling doesn't help at all, and that I expect my children to have at least 10 minutes lunchtime.

He had the whole class stay in for punishment, because some children didn't have a certain item. And that wasn't even due to themselves.

On friday she came home crying, so I was ready to go to the principal.

We had a good talk about the issue and she was ready to involve the whole group in a meeting with her other teacher.

So she did.
They all complained about the teacher in such a way that it was decided the teacher wouldn't return.


They all deserve a good time at school, especially these last months before leaving.


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