Wednesday, January 16, 2008

works for me

january 16 2008

What works for me before a meeting is reading about the subject.
I'm not talking about meetings about technical subjects, but meetings at school about
everyday subjects like bullying, behaviour, teacher-child interaction and such.

Knowing how other parents think about these subjects helps me to form my own opinion.
I also often find out which solutions other schools have offered.
That enables me to think about it, see what I want for my children, and what doesn't work. For instance.

The schools I have to deal with often come with easy solutions that won't involve much effort on the part of school.
But I want the best for my child(ren) and when I'm well informed I can give them the best solution for my child when they won't come up with something.

Works for me.

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  1. You have to do your research! Great reminder. And knowing what other schools have done makes you part of the solution.

  2. Good for you! When I was fighting to get speech therapy & physical therapy for one of my sons I would arrive at every meeting with a case of papers! :)

    I got all the services I wanted, too!

    Love your site, darlin'!

  3. Laane,
    Thanks so much for your comments today!

    I totally agree with you on reading and prep before a meeting. It helps to have an idea so that one can help add to the meeting or make an informed decision.


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