Wednesday, January 9, 2008

works for me: backwards edition

january 9 2008

Today we're not expected to give a good idea, but to ask for one.

Well, I have a question.

A couple of weeks plastic recycling has begun here.

I'm all for it.

Problem is that the container is rather far away, so we have to keep the plastic apart untill one of us can bring it to the container.

All those wrappins and bags take a lot of space.
It should be kept under pressure, that's what I think.

Any idea??

I now put all the stuff in plastic bags and put them in a box, put pressure on it to keep the plastic in.

I'm looking forward to a good idea.


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  1. Do you have to actually haul it to a recycling site, or does the town pick it up for you? Ours gets picked up every other week.
    I keep a kitchen-sized waste basket between the fridge and the microwave cart. It is unobstrusive there and an easy place to toss cans and bottles. When it is full, one of the kids takes it outside and dumps it into a full-sized street trash can. Then we just haul that to the curb.
    I keep a tall laundery basket on my deck, just outside the sliding doors, for deposit bottles and cans. Then I haul those to the grocery in plastic bags to redeem them when the basket is full.


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