Monday, January 7, 2008

Who invented puberty?

January 7 2008

He's 16.

He has been to his favorite sports evening and comes home.
It rains a bit.

Because we want to give our children the opportunity to put their bycicles away without getting a bucketload of water over them when they turn the key we have made an extra roof over the area between the garden, the shed and the backdoor.

It's great to leave wet shoes, shed the rain off the coats, get a rugsack from your back, etc etc.

He just walks in and gets angry when he can't turn with the heavy, far too large, bag.

The way he looks...! I'm so glad we don't have pets, because they would seek shelter at the other end of the world.

I can't take a breath to talk... and he already has uttered a couple of nasty things and accuses his dad of never helping him.

Trying to turn he has manouvred himself in such a way that he gets stuck with his bag between the table and the bookshelves.
Sorry...I have to laugh...

I pulls himself...he's still carrying the bag...
he pulls himself and the bag loose and walks past me, scratching my arm.

When I say something he throws his keys and nearly hits the window.

Who invented puberty?


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