Monday, January 14, 2008

the "thrifty gene".

january 14 2008

A research paper in Nature Genetics (jan 13 2008) reports the discovery of a gene that turns excess blood glucose into fat tissue.

The excistence of the gene was already suspected, but it was never found.
Three decades ago already, it was called the "thrifty gene".

A study of more than a half-million genetic variants in 2,000 Europeans and Indian Asians showed a gene that worked the same as the "thrifty gene".
It's gene MLXIPL.

One could say it's a kind of survival gene.
In times of famine the body create reserves each time food is consumed.

Researchers warn for preliminary reactions.
They say it looks like it works this way.

The thrifty gene is probably just a part of a very complex system that leads to obesity or heart disease.
But to normal people it´s an explanation why some people just need to eat a little and gain a lot of weight, whereas others can eat everything and stay the same weight.

My impression is that the gene is part of a complex of triggers and stoppers.
Part of my family, those who can be clearly identified by their looks as family of my great great great great grandfather are very slim untill a certain age and then suddenly they start gaining weight fast, without changes in their diet.
I´m one of them... and I´m not happy about it.

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  1. I think this is the answer of common question that is - why i eat less and gain more?


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