Saturday, January 26, 2008

testresults girls

january 26 2008

We finally got the testresults of the girls yesterday.

One of the girls needs no special support at all.
The school thought she might have social problems, because she always reports bullying. But we've already told them that's because we think this society and especially the schools should have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and violence.

I teach my children to stand up against it, each and every time. They're just the signals of a non-caring school, not the problem itself.

So I'm right. Great!!

My other girl needs special support.
But the papers didn't inform us which special support my child needs!!
So I can't even go to one of the new schools to talk about it, because I just don't know what she needs.

The school said she needs smaller classes, but she is a very social girl and I don't agree with the school.
She's not intimidated by a large group, she's just quiet by choice.
At the choir, the bagpipe-band, at ballet and everywhere else than school, she's a very social child and she's perfectly able to stand up for herself, concentrate or whatever.

So that's one more item on my todo list...trying to get the information I think the parents should have. I'm OK with the school having the information, but I think that one filled circle before "needs extra support" isn't enough.


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