Monday, January 7, 2008


janaury 7 2008

I went downstairs and when I was near the backwindow I felt something...
and there it was: A Huuuge spider!!

First I thought is was a plastic one, so I looked at the things that we undersneath it to see what they had moved to get there.
But nothing had changed at all, so it must be a real one!! Yack!!!

Only one time before I've seen such a large one...ages ago!!
And it wasn't as large.....
So I warned the oldest he should help me.
He had to swallow too....

I took a big wooden rod, and put the washing up bowl under it. But I was too short to reach it.
So the oldest tried to hit him with one try.

We expected the thing to drop down, but it crawled higher....
I couldn't see it from outside anymore.
Then it crawled even higher, so we could remove the curtains.

With one blow, he was hit.
And then I sprayed it with hairspray!

Well. let's say he didn't move anymore, and the wall can't be painted anymore, because there's so much hairspray on it.LOL!

Later we thought we'd better kept the animal in a can or something, because it might have been escaped from a herbarium or something.

It had jucky thick legs and was so very large.

Right now I'm itching all over, and looking around me............... bbrrrrrrr...


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