Thursday, January 10, 2008

Parents! Inform yourselves!

january 10 2008

Talking with a couple of mothers made me aware of the fact that people aren't informed at all about changes in legislature and rules involving schools.
So matters that are of utmost importance to children and parents are not communicated well or at all.

Last year I've found out several times that not even teachers and coördinators know the laws that have been created to protect children that are ill for instance.
Or the laws that are made to ensure that schools take the responsibility to protect the safety of children.

Oh, don't think I know them all, but I know where to get them.
The ministery of education has a special site to inform the public, and what's more interesting, has a special phonenumber and emailaddress where people can ask their questions.

It feels so good to know I'm not a stupid or nutty parent, but just someone who wants to be informed and is backed up to want to best for my children.

Last year I tried to talk with the school about bullying.
"We can't do anything. Bullying is a problem all schools have." and "When your child can't deal with it, maybe this school isn't the right place to be.", where only two remarks I heard during a meeting to change things.

But with the law in my hand, and with the interference of the Schoolinspection matters changed a bit. Just because the school didn't want to be brought to court and be forced to take action under supervision.

Next week I'm going to have a meeting about the way the careteam treated us and our son.
Sending Childcare without our permission to the psychiatrist is simply not done. Except when abuse and neglect is expected.
Asking my autistic son if surgery is considered to counteract his obesity is not only not done, it's oppositional to how a caring schooldoctor should react.

But, even more important, the careteams have to follow a certain sequence of actions, and they simply didn't follow these.

In our case there wasn't even a file they took action upon (this morning confirmed...there was no file...), but merely hear say and opinionated thinking.
How can you help a child, when you don't know which help is needed?

No wonder I was intimidated and harassed verbally in my own home by a council official who didn't even know the diagnosis of my son.

Those people don't even know the rules of their own work, and yet they want to be respected?

I feel it to be self respect, and respect for my children when I dig into matters, when I'm critical, and when I'm trying to make the world a bit better.

Parents! Inform yourselves!

That way you can protect yourself and your children a lot better.

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